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 idk were to post this? zerked you's app

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zerked you

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PostSubject: idk were to post this? zerked you's app   Mon May 24, 2010 9:30 am

About You im 14 and im kinda on the pc alot but not so much, i love soccer been playin for 10 yrs, yea i started at 4 for ymca.

What is your 2Speced In game name?
zerked you

Are you willing to stay active?(6 days inactivity your kicked)

Have you made an Introduction on these forums yet?

Do you have ventrilo?

Do you have a working mic?

Do you have problems with any other members?

Who told you about us?(How did you hear about Legion?)
at gh

Would you leave us for another clan?

Have you read the rules and promise to obey them?

Do you have any war expierence at all? Maybe in past servers or even runescape, if so please SHARE.
yes, other main clans ive been in 2, and friend pk trips

Do you consider yourself more of a honor or no honor pker?
well, i have to stop and think what they would do, so if they gunna nh then i do too u just gotta think

Do you "One Item?"
boring.. no

Do you Pray in 1v1 combat areas?
nop, if im 1 hp and they ddsin i shark brew.. ik its nooby but i told the truth everyone does tbh =/

In Order to Get Accepted into Legion, You Must have 3 Referrals from Ranks:
uhmm, idk what that is but i talked to people at pc yesterday and they said i could get in i just have to make this app i showed them my ags so im over 500m

ags prod with range XD but i love the dds

Have you ever been in any other clans, 2speced, Battlescape, Runescape, or past servers? If so please SHARE.
yepp, in a diff server called runesky i was in generation, 2sspeced, i was in emp and devistation

Have you ever been kicked from ANY clan? If so for what reason?
nopp they all go inactive

What are your previous 2Speced account names?
first ever acc xxpkerxx, then maul fr33k, maul fr33ks, mauls fr33ks, zerked you, gross pker

man im making this before school =/
Your bank must have 500m+ value, show a picture of your worth:
showed in game

All our PK trips are at Gh and other dangerous areas which means you will be required to have multiple pk sets banked. Show a picture:
i got like 100 sets

Show us a picture of you having the Ventrilo Client OPEN
its a helmet lookin thing i got it but might take me a while to know how to use it ill use utube (its my google)
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PostSubject: Re: idk were to post this? zerked you's app   Mon May 24, 2010 3:48 pm

accepted, i want to see pk sets in trade.

Dont forget to come in vent whenever your on, and to check clan forums for announcements.

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idk were to post this? zerked you's app
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