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 The lol's Application

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the lol

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PostSubject: The lol's Application   The lol's Application I_icon_minitimeSun May 23, 2010 6:31 am

About You

What is your 2Speced In game name?
The lol

Are you willing to stay active?(6 days inactivity your kicked)
Definitly i am usualy on 2-3 sometimes 4 hours a day and 6 on weekends i go on EVERY day unless i have basketball

Have you made an Introduction on these forums yet?
Sorta I have spent about 45 mins in the chat box =)

Do you have ventrilo?
Yeap, I neeed it when i was a pure in AI

Do you have a working mic?
I am going to buy one!

Do you have problems with any other members?
Dont know many members but i am usualy a easy going guy that likes to get along with people so you wont have any problems with me =)

Who told you about us?(How did you hear about Legion?)
I saw you on the 2Speced Forums about 20 Mins ago and thought to myself YEAH! Thats a great clan!

Would you leave us for another clan?
Nope, (Not that there are many clans around like there was in 2008)

Have you read the rules and promise to obey them?
Yeap I agree

Do you have any war expierence at all? Maybe in past servers or even runescape, if so please SHARE.
Yes, about 4 months with AI 2 with TUE 2 With the outlaws (as a main) And i even ran my own clan for a bit

Do you consider yourself more of a honor or no honor pker?
Both If they pray i pray if they safe i safe if they run I own them =)

Do you "One Item?"
Nope never i believe it is disrespectfull to your opponent (Although it is fun when u dds spec them 24-36 =) And ko them for GS

Do you Pray in 1v1 combat areas?
As i said, Only if they do first

In Order to Get Accepted into Legion, You Must have 3 Referrals from Ranks:
fair enough. this is why you should give me your vote...
.I am easy to get along with
.I wont beg for ranks
.I Love clan pking
.I Am trusted in 2speced (recently middlemaned a phat set Stake)
.I Obey all rules
.i have never been kicked from a clan
.And finaly... Im a good pker =) (well sorta)

I am guessing this means clan involvment? If so i have stated this earlier

Have you ever been in any other clans, 2speced, Battlescape, Runescape, or past servers? If so please SHARE.
.STD (special Team Dumbass on Runescape) Smile
.SP ( My old pure clan i was founder in silent pures)
.and finaly and hopefully LG Smile

Have you ever been kicked from ANY clan? If so for what reason?
Nope, I am a good boy in clans +)

What are your previous 2Speced account names?
Pee k
3nvy v5


Your bank must have 500m+ value, show a picture of your worth:
I only have about 100M But i am currently crafting it ATM =)

All our PK trips are at Gh and other dangerous areas which means you will be required to have multiple pk sets banked. Show a picture:
again, Crafting to get the sets =)

Show us a picture of you having the Ventrilo Client OPEN

Sure, Here it is follow the link http://i46.tinypic.com/w66o9.jpg
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The lol's Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: The lol's Application   The lol's Application I_icon_minitimeSun May 23, 2010 8:21 am

everything look's good, besides the cash, once you got 500m+ just copy and paste everything you just posted here, and add in the pic, and you will be accepted.

Declined/Closed for now.
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The lol's Application
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