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 Application [Copy & Paste]

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Application [Copy & Paste] Empty
PostSubject: Application [Copy & Paste]   Application [Copy & Paste] I_icon_minitimeTue May 18, 2010 10:28 pm

[center][size=18]About You[/size]

[u][b]What is your 2Speced In game name?[/b][/u]

[u][b]Are you willing to stay active?(6 days inactivity your kicked)[/b][/u]

[u][b]Have you made an Introduction on these forums yet?[/b][/u]

[u][b]Do you have ventrilo?[/b][/u]

[u][b]Do you have a working mic?[/b][/u]

[u][b]Do you have problems with any other members?[/b][/u]

[u][b]Who told you about us?(How did you hear about Legion?)[/b][/u]

[u][b]Would you leave us for another clan?[/b][/u]

[u][b]Have you read the rules and promise to obey them?[/b][/u]

[u][b]Do you have any war expierence at all? Maybe in past servers or even runescape, if so please SHARE.[/b][/u]

[u][b]Do you consider yourself more of a honor or no honor pker?[/b][/u]

[u][b]Do you "One Item?"[/b][/u]

[u][b]Do you Pray in 1v1 combat areas?[/b][/u]

[strike][u][b]In Order to Get Accepted into Legion, You Must have 3 Referrals from Ranks:[/b][/u][/strike]


[b][u]Have you ever been in any other clans, 2speced, Battlescape, Runescape, or past servers? If so please SHARE.[/u][/b]

[b][u]Have you ever been kicked from ANY clan? If so for what reason?[/u][/b]

[b][u]What are your previous 2Speced account names?[/u][/b]


[b][u]Your bank must have 500m+ value, show a picture of your worth:[/u][/b]

[u][b]All our PK trips are at Gh and other dangerous areas which means you will be required to have multiple pk sets banked. Show a picture:[/b][/u]

[b][u]Show us a picture of you having the Ventrilo Client [/u][/b][color=green]OPEN[/color][/center]
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Application [Copy & Paste]
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